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SNOWDBA Knowledge Checker Test 1.0

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Each virtual warehouse is an independent compute cluster but it shares resources with 'other' virtual warehouses?

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For each securable object, there is a set of privileges that can be granted on it?

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Which Data type is great for storing semi-structured data?

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In a Network policy if we Whitelist something then everything else is automatically blacklisted?

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What command is used to place files on a Stage from a local filesystem?

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Most trial accounts start with 3 letters followed by 10  numbers?

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Which of the below COPY INTO options are related to data length?

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You can use SQL ID as the basis to set the time that Time Travel will use?

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Which of the below entities are not part of a Snowflake database?

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The SNOWFLAKE database contains information about account usage?

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How many extra days does Failsafe provide the ability to restore data from?

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Warehouses assigned to Resource Monitor are suspended and cannot be resumed until which of following?

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The phase 'Scale Up' with regard to Snowflakes means to increase the cluster size i.e. from Small to Medium

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A multi Cluster warehouse setup may be beneficial for lots of concurrent users and queries?

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Enabling replication designates the source database as a standby database?

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If the same query is re-run with no change in underlying data by a different user then the cached results from the previous query run are sent to that user so no Compute is used?

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How many days extra protection does FailSafe provide?

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Database Replication is only supported across the Same Cloud provider i.e. AWS to AWS as the source but to a different or the same region?

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Who are two of the founding members of Snowflake?

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Using VALIDATION_MODE option of the COPY INTO command which of the below are valid?

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