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SNOWDBA Knowledge Checker Test 1.0

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Stored Procedures can only be written in Javascript?

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Snowflake Streams hold no data?

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The Cloud Services layer can actually consume billable compute credits?

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During a Data Unload which option can we specify so data is not split into separate files?

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What command is used to place files on a Stage from a local filesystem?

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Which of the below options of the COPY INTO command can be used with ON_ERROR?

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What are the 2 default INBOUND shares of every account?

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What are the 2 types of Stage in Snowflake?

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Time Travel Syntax can include which of the below?

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Which of the below best describe a File Format ?

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Which of the below Roles has the privilege to define Network Policies?

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The is a limit of 10 on the number of data shares a consumer can utilise?

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Within a stored procedure argument names are case-insensitive in the JavaScript portion of the stored procedure?

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Which of the below are examples of Quasi-Structured data?

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Which function can assist with reading data from a Variant datatype with nested elements?

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Which file formats are supported for a data unload?

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We should look to process one large file rather than splitting a large files into smaller ones before loading into Snowflake so each warehouse can parallel process the file?

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We should Organise data being loaded into logical paths like by date, to better aid co-locating that data in the same micro partition?

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Defining a Clustering Key can override natural clustering on a table?

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Which Data type is great for storing semi-structured data?

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