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SNOWDBA Knowledge Checker Test 1.0

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Snowflake warehouse credits have a minimum charge of 31 days unless its a leap year then the minimum charge is 28 days, after which daily billing is implemented?

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The Cloud Services layer can actually consume billable compute credits?

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A Encryption Key can be in a state of Retired?

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What is the name of feature that allows Snowflake support to restore some types of table after they have been dropped and are outside the TimeTravel retention?

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Snowflake has a default file format if none is explicitly set?

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Which of the below are components of ELT?

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Charges at the Cloud Services layers are for compute that exceeds 10% of total computes costs for the account?

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During a Data Unload which option can we specify so data is not split into separate files?

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Which of the below are types of Stage in Snowflake?

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Uncorrelated Scalar Subqueries generally run faster than Correlated Scalar Subqueries?

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Columnar data storage benefits from more efficient compression ratio's

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Partner Connect can be described as technology partners that have joined with Snowflake to create an in-account Snowflake wizard?

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Enabling replication designates the source database as a standby database?

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Which of the below are examples of Security and governance tools?

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Database Replication to Accounts on Lower Editions is possible but only if we use 'IGNORE EDITION CHECK clause' ?

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Which of the below are examples of Semi-Structured data?

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Semi-Structured data has support for all SQL operations?

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The COPY INTO command can specify a maximum list of 1000 files to load at a time?

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It is for the customer to manage the Snowflake Object Storage used for the database tables by working with the Cloud provider such as AWS?

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Stored procedures allow the execution of both DDL and DML?

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