Free Learning

Snowflake Learning       

SnowFlake provides free training courses and study materials to work through. These courses are self-paced and introduce the user to the Snowflake platforms core concepts. Furthermore some courses are available with hands on activities which can be submitted for assessment to SnowFlake University to receive badges that are linked to certview which can be displayed on forums such as LinkedIn to demonstrate your hands on knowledge.


Using Snowflake learning requires a SnowFlake Community user account which can be created as below:

Then to log on we use below URL:

Open URL: (Legacy)

New URL:

Courses on Offer

Level Up – First Concepts     : Difficulty EASY

General overview of SnowFlake Architecture, learn about

  • Intro to the Cloud Data Platform
  • Snowflake Founders Story
  • Snowflakes Three Layers
  • Snowflakes Key Concepts
  • Snowflakes Ecosystem
  • Accounts and Assurances
  • Container Hierarchy
  • Data Loading
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery

Level Up – Performance: Difficulty EASY

Overview targeting Query Performance and Caching, learn about

  • Query and Results History
  • Context
  • Caching

Level Up – The Data Cloud: Difficulty EASY

Based on Data Sharing concepts which are foundation of the Data Cloud, learn about

  • Intoduction to the Data Cloud
  • Shopping on Snowflakes Data Marketplace
  • Listing Data on Snowflakes Marketplace

Badge Workshop 1: Data Warehousing: Difficulty EASY

Learn to create databases, virtual warehouses, tables, file formats, stages, sequences, and views. Load and query JSON, XML and traditional data. No prior database knowledge or SQL experience is needed.

The Practical aspect to this course will require the learned to record a video demonstrating their knowledge from this course and submit this to SnowFlake University to receive a Cert Badge.

Badge Workshop 2: Data Sharing: Difficulty MEDIUM

Learn about Snowflake’s advanced sharing technologies, sharing strategies like direct sharing, standard and personalized Snowflake Data Marketplace listings, and the creation and management of private Data Exchanges for sharing data internally between divisions and departments or sharing data externally with business partners.

The practical aspect to this course will require the learner to prepare a slide show demonstrating how to create and share data as learnt on the course.

Badge Workshop 3: Orientation : Difficulty MEDIUM/HARD

(only released once completed workshop 1)

Learn how Python can connect SnowFlake to retrieve and display data in the first part. In the Second part of the course we learn about how SnowFlake can utilise IoT devices (devices that stream data) to be ingested into SnowFlake using Snowpipe in real time.

Optional Java Connection Lab that uses Java to Connect to SnowFlake and retrieve data.

The practical aspect to this course is challenging, you will for first part use Python to query SnowFlake and render a chart. The Second part involves using you phone as an IoT device to trigger the streaming of data to a Snowpipe which updates cloud storage and causes data to be ingested into SnowFlake.

Once you complete all the Lab Practical’s you’ll be able to add below badges to your CV and Linkedin profiles to show employers you have certified hands on skills not just theory. All for no expense other than your time.

There is also a new Data Lake Badge to earn, will update once I’ve completed.