Install snowSQL on Linux

*Tested on Red Hat Linux 8

snowsql can now be found : SnowSQL – Snowflake Developers

1. Navigate to the Linux directory, and choose the latest version from the list of rpms.

2. Once you select rpm it will download to Downloads folder location specified by browser

3. scp/sftp rpm file to Linux server 

4. Install the rpm as root or sudo 

rpm -i snowflake-snowsql-1.2.20-1.x86_64.rpm 

5. As non root user confirm snowsql installed

which snowsql

snowsql -v
Version: 1.2.20

6. Update the config file used by snowsql for a log directory that is writable other wise may get below error

Failed to initialize log. No logging is enabled: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '<path>/snowsql_rt.log' 

This config files is created in the users home directory/.snowsql/config

vi ~/.snowsql/config 

log_file = ../snowsql_rt.log 

log_file = ./snowsql_rt.log 

Start snowsql

If you have an account like:
snowsql -a -u PSAMMY 


If you have an account like:
snowsql -a sgthsea-kf43267 -u PSAMMY