Install snowSQL on Linux

*Tested on Red Hat Linux 8

snowsql can now be found here : SnowSQL – Snowflake Developers

You can either download latest version (recommended)

Or choose a particular version of choice:

1. Once you select rpm it will download to Downloads folder location specified by browser

2. scp/sftp rpm file to Linux server 

3. Install the rpm as root or sudo 

rpm -i snowflake-snowsql-1.2.20-1.x86_64.rpm 

4. As non root user confirm snowsql installed

which snowsql

snowsql -v
Version: 1.2.20

5. Update the config file used by snowsql for a log directory that is writable other wise may get below error

Failed to initialize log. No logging is enabled: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '<path>/snowsql_rt.log' 

This config files is created in the users home directory/.snowsql/config

vi ~/.snowsql/config 

log_file = ../snowsql_rt.log 

log_file = ./snowsql_rt.log 

Start snowsql

If you have an account like:
snowsql -a -u PSAMMY 


If you have an account like:
snowsql -a sgthsea-kf43267 -u PSAMMY