Oracle VKTM Process

The Oracle Virtual Keeper of Time (VKTM) Process acts as a time publisher for an Oracle instance. VKTM publishes two sets of time

  • A wall clock time using a seconds interval, updated every second
  • A Higher resolution time (not wall clock time) for interval measurements, updated every 20 ms

The VKTM timer service centralizes time tracking and offloads multiple timer calls from other clients.

When VKTM background process detects a time drift, it prints messages traces and alert log

Oracle Bugs there are a few Oracle bugs related to this process

  • Bug 30777036 Database Instance 19c Crashes Intermittently, fixed in version 19.7

If issues related to this process

  • Ensure DB version for Windows is greater than 19.7
  • Check Server resource utilisation to ensure process is not being starved of resource such as memory or CPU
    • Believe more memory related as can be accompanied with PGA errors if issues with DB that cause a crash