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SNOWDBA Knowledge Checker Test 1.0

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The COPY INTO command can specify a maximum list of 1000 files to load at a time?

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Only the Snowflake Support can perform data restores using  FailSafe?

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Tasks can not call a Stored Procedure?

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Using Resource Monitoring can help with Which of the below?

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Federated Authentication is not possible in Snowflake?

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Snowflake Data protection features include which of the below?

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Internal Stages can be in different regions and use a different Cloud Provider to that which the Snowflake Account resides in?

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Database Replication is only supported across the Same Cloud provider i.e. AWS to AWS as the source but to a different or the same region?

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Shared Data is always upto date?

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Which of these is not a database object in Snowflake?

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