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SNOWDBA Knowledge Checker Test 1.0

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Trial accounts can be converted to paid accounts?

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What determines the maximum file size for data unloads out of Snowflake?

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Which of the below are valid COPY INTO options?

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What is the a name of the account type created by the provider and used by a consumer to access a Share using the providers compute?

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Snowflake data is automatically replicated across how many Availability Zones (Data Centres)?

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Resource Monitor notifications are sent to all Account Administrators?

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What commands are used to allow or deny access on an objects to a roles?

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A regular expression can be used with the COPY INTO command to filter the file files to target for load?

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A Warehouse is charged at a minimum of 60 seconds then per second billing is used?

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What type of Cloud Platform is Snowflake?

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Which of these describes a role?

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Which of the below are valid services managed by the Service Layer?


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When loading files from a local filesystem using PUT the local host must have which of the below?

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Why would we CAST data from a Variant?

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Which of the below are examples of Semi-Structured data?

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Which information below can we view about a query that has run in the past?

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What is the name of feature that allows Snowflake support to restore some types of table after they have been dropped and are outside the TimeTravel retention?

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The acronym BI stands for?

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A Encryption Key can be in a state of Retired?

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A Stage is used to load or unload data in Snowflake?

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