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SNOWDBA Knowledge Checker Test 1.0

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Data Shares can only be dropped once approved by a Consumer?

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How many minute will the Economy Scaling policy keep queries queued before starting a new Warehouse?

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Shared Data is always upto date?

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Enabling replication designates the source database as a standby database?

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Databases created from shares are prime candidates to be Replicated?

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Time Travel is only used to restore a table you can't use it to query a table at a point in the past?

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Database Replication to Accounts on Lower Editions is possible but only if we use 'IGNORE EDITION CHECK clause' ?

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What is the maximum size of each micro partition (compressed data)?

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The Results Cache holds 24 hours of results unless data is updated which then invalidates the Cache?

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A permanent table can have Time travel of upto 1 year?

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In Snowflake all communication is encrypted using TLS1.2?

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Internal Stages can be in different regions and use a different Cloud Provider to that which the Snowflake Account resides in?

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Snowflake Data protection features include which of the below?

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Which role will add the 'Account' icon on the Classic WebUI ribbon?

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Only the Snowflake Support can perform data restores using  FailSafe?

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If a Virtual Warehouse is stopped, we can preserve its cache with the WRITE_CACHE_TO_DISK clause?

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Uncorrelated Scalar Subqueries generally run faster than Correlated Scalar Subqueries?

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Which options do we see on the Classic WebUI Ribbon?

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The COPY INTO command can specify a maximum list of 1000 files to load at a time?

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Which best describes the sysadmin Role?

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